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Job Training and Placement (JTP) Launches New Cohort

YARID has launched a fresh cohort of our newest program - JTP.


Emmanuel arrived in Uganda in 2014. His last official job experience was working as a volunteer for World Vision in South Sudan in 2013, during the war. He left South Sudan because he was being forced into being a soldier, knowing he had to find a way out and live a peaceful life. He first went to Juba, but no one could support him, so he started to hustle. He found work and used a wheelbarrow to fetch water for other people so he could get some money to survive. After several months, he got some information from a friend about a refugee settlement in Uganda. He got some money for transport and started to make his way south.

Opportunities for refugees can be very limited in Uganda, and Emmanuel was desperate for a job. Emmanuel’s sister was part of the English for Adults program (EFA) at YARID and told him about the Job Training and Placement Program (JTP). JTP is one of the newest programs at YARID. For six weeks, job seekers are put on a fast track to employment, involving training, matching, and mentoring.

“I have learned how to work hard for the job you want,” Emmanuel said. “I have learned how to write a CV and a cover letter. Before, I had no idea how to write it, but JTP has taught me so many things. They have shown me how to take my professional life to the next level.”


The Job Training and Placement Program (JTP) evolved from the former Job Readiness program at YARID. One day, Joanne met up with a friend, and they discussed the lives and challenges of refugees in Kampala, and her friend mentioned that he had taken part in the Job Readiness Program, recommending that she apply to enhance her own professional development skills. Joanne had heard of YARID before, but she wasn’t exactly sure what the organization did. She knew she had a lot of valuable skills that needed to be amplified, so she decided to take her friend's advice and applied for the program.

Joanne’s long-term goal is to be a professional in the marketing field. JTP has taught her how to set SMART career goals to get the job she wants. She spent a lot of time working on cover letters, resumes, and learning how to apply for a job on LinkedIn. She is extremely grateful for all the support from her teachers and the YARID staff that helped put her on the fast track to employment.


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John Ebile
John Ebile
May 24

Sounds great 👍

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