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Food, medicine, and hospital support for Jean's ill wife.

By: Brenda Semerenko | YARID Communications and Development Intern

When I sat down with Jean, he was smiling from ear to ear. He told me he was happy to be here and share his story.

“I am glad to be here and share my story,” he repeated. “YARID has helped me in so many ways.”

Jean told me he reached Uganda in 2012 from the DRC. He had come to YARID’s Protection program to find support for his wife. She had breast cancer and had been sick for 6 years. YARID helped her by bringing their family food, medicine, providing counseling services, and driving her to the hospital. Even Robert, the Executive Director of YARID was constantly coming to their home to visit “This guy was coming by all the time.” Jean reminisced fondly.

Today, Jean is a single father with two children ages eight and seven years old. Although he has not been able to be part of the other YARID programs due to his heavy work schedule, he still considers himself a part of the YARID family. “Being invited back, sitting here with you, and sharing my story is still an opportunity.” he said, “YARID has good programs and has helped my family in so many ways. I am happy.”


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