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Asia receives compassionate care.

When Asia came to YARID she sat down with a protection staff member and told them her issue. Her husband was suffering from an incurable illness and no other organization was able to help. YARID was her last resort.

The Protection Office immediately began to provide Asia and her husband with support. Every month, multiple YARID staff members came to their home and would bring food, cash assistance, and buy medicine for her husband's illness. After he passed away, YARID helped cover the expensive burial costs.

Asia continues to receive support from YARID and the Protection department. They bring her food and she hopes to be part of the tailoring program. “I love YARID so much. They have supported me so much and held my hand up until my husband died. YARID has a good heart and they should continue to support others. No other office has been able to help me like this. Let YARID continue to support refugees. There are so many of us that need help.”


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