Updated: Aug 24

Lotone, a refugee from the DRC, was very sick and could not afford the medicine she needed. She tried to get assistance from a nearby NGO, but they were unable to help her. Then she heard people talking about YARID, and how they were supporting refugees. Lotone went to the Protection Office with letters from the hospital and they were able to buy her the medicine she so desperately needed. This was not the only time YARID provided her with support. During the COVID-19 lockdown she was unable to buy food and once again she reached out to YARID. YARID was one of the few organizations who were going door to door and providing people with food. Lotone was able to get the food she needed and could feed herself and her kids. Without the support she received from YARID she claims she might not have survived. "YARID is good for all refugees," she said, "I am thankful for YARID for supporting my family and kids. God help YARID."

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